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  • How to become an interior designer?

    Throw out of my head the idea that to create the design simple. It is not easy, but very creative and exciting process. Any knowledgeable person, whether it’s graphic designer, sculptor, decorator or other representative of the creative profession will tell you that without the knowledge and experience you do not get in the field of interior design. Of course, you can become frustrated and forget about career interior designer. But in this case, you’ve already lost the battle, not even the beginning of battle! It is possible and even necessary, to begin with elementary, to try to get acquainted with the basics of primitive design, and even try to practice. It would be just a wish. By the way, the knowledge of the terminology design will be very useful to you. Maybe in life, you have to communicate with experts in this field. Will be useful and practical course sovety. Stoit indicate several stages of the designer interera.Ot ideas to the finished interior design solutions the hard way. The first work on the project is a sketch of the idea of so-called sketch ideas. Further, the very design project. The document often includes all aspects of the changes that will affect the room. This and failures, and layout of the apartment, the layout and design of computer visualization of each room, and sweep the walls of the prospect. Blueprint for which construction and installation team will carry out its scope of work, created after the customer approved design – the project. The initial phase of work, when it emerged from the designer thought embodied in the paper as a series of sketches sketches. Most often, designers are coming so that you have chosen exactly the transformation of the design of the apartment, which they want. Although the illusion that you choose from several options. However, the sketch is difficult to say whether a good turn out interior design. It is shown in the light touches the future of the premises, creates a “backbone” of the future of interior design ideas. And of course, it just happens adjusting parts and makes the wishes of the customer. Blueprint – embodies all the things conceived in reality. Prepared a working plan that are made, and all changes in an apartment on the construction of new partitions to the demolition of the old wall with a lining of communications. From this we can conclude that more accurate and readable to the working drawing, the better the value of construction work done. The results poorly thought-out work you are drawing the same and correct. At the construction site supervisors who will lead the workers will do what is specified in working drawings and more. Of course, not having basic knowledge in the theory of design, your practice is any good will not. The design is the same science, the science of space transformation, the human environment. And like any science, interior design has its own terminology, concepts, and zakony. Rassmotrim osnovnye. Hudozhestvennye terms and concepts used in the design intereraSreda – a space-environment substantive rights created by dizaynerom. Prostranstvo – essentially a “decorated emptiness.” The main component of a well-formed space and the presence of an emotional mood, personality traits of man, existing in it. And it is this space and creates a designer space, which would have displayed the inner world of man, for which it sozdaetsya. Kompozitsiya – this is not what the space can not exist, the composition keeps it in a harmonious whole. Without a well-balanced composition, physical objects will be scattered, but not assemble a single space in the design. There are a few of the laws of composition, which must be strictly adhered to. For example, should always be dominant and subordinate it to the elements. The overriding objective is to distinguish the semantic composition of the rod, the center, something that in turn will fall first glance. Most often, this is the core of a living room or dining room. And those, in turn, also have their own meaning, vivid, memorable center – a dining table or kamin. Proportsii – the ratio of the physical dimensions of the material elements of some premises in relation to others. On the fundamental ideas of the proportion of people can determine whether the harmony Suitable premises or it seems uncomfortable. The key point in the design is correct to compare the proportions of the style of the interior. That will look great in one style will be completely unacceptable in another. Rhythm – the alternation of action or elements in a certain order or not. Properly defined rhythm makes the interior of an expressive personality. Rhythm classification is divided into: Plastic, light, rhythm, shape or volume. The most common is a linear rhythm, manifested in the alternation of objects or konstruktsiy. Tsvet – is the main and principal interior designer tool. So, for example, often, the designers built the entire interior of the composition, but on a combination of colors and shades. These techniques are referred to as the principle of similarity, similarity (one color or several shades of his) and the principle of color contrast. The color scheme used in the interior, called the color. There are some cool colors and the colors are basic teplye. Teplye orange, red, yellow, and all of their cold ottenki.K include both basic and shades, and it is green, blue and purple. Can become a powerful tool for the so-called neutral colors – are popular white, black and all shades of gray tsveta. Sozdanie design – time-consuming task. Now a lot of courses and trainings with different levels of teaching and learning approach, which provide basic knowledge and promise employment. Typically studied architecture, design, design history, styles, and much more. In such courses must show examples of interior design, train design design projects. But only a few of the graduates become successful designers. This trend is related to the fact that to be a designer, it means will learn and improve themselves continuously. If you are not afraid, and you are ready for self-knowledge to read a lot of literature devoted to interior design, visit the thematic exhibitions, design forums on the Internet, follow the latest trends and technologies in the decoration and construction and do lots of other useful things, then you can be a great prospect.

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