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    At salute, the linear portion of the line is reinforced (900 km), is below building with a summate duration of loopings 700 km. It is necessary to assure the exile of gas from the Yamal Peninsula, which now creates a new gas production centre, the timely add of gas in the pipeline “Nord Stream”, and to better the reliability of gas supply to consumers of the North-W Russia. Its distance is 1, 300 km, capacity – 90 trillion cubic meters of gas per yr. At COP “Volkhov”, “Elizabeth” and “Babayevskaya” in the arrangement pipeline commissioning underway. The succeeding phase, with the advent of gas from the Yamal fields, the line leave operate in reverse mode, the gas flow bequeath be redirected to the Central realm. The specialists of “Gazprom” likewise made the examination a special facility for the grooming of the gas with which the process gas is filled in the kickoff occupation of the grapevine “Nord Stream”. At COP “Lukoyanovskaya” and “Ivanovo” continued commission, the COP “Vyaznikovskaya” is beingness installed four pumping units (GPU) with a summate capacity of 64 MW. Its length is 900 km, the design capacity – 55 bcm of gas. Synchronized with the increase in gas yield facilities “Gazprom” is working on the exploitation of Russian Unified Gas Provide System (UGS) and the diversification of routes of gas supplies for export. It was celebrated that the induction is operational normally, the pick of the line will be accomplished on schedule. Building of the pipeline, “Pochinki-Gryazovets” is to meliorate the reliability and flexibility of the ESG in the Northwest and Central regions of Russia. Building of the line organization for gas append to the “Nord Stream” came to the conclusion demarcation, the report aforementioned “Gazprom”. The gas grapevine runs along the Vologda and Leningrad regions. Building of the grapevine began in September 2007. The new might of the COP fully prepare for performance. The building of the COP “Sindorskaya”, “Urdomskaya”, “Nyuksenitskaya” gas line “NTR – Torzhok. A key target Gryazovets gas transfer hub is the COP “Gryazovetskaya” capacity 389 MW. Of item importance in this wish is the expansion of the transport organization in the Northwest of the area. KS “Port” is a unequalled object in the global gas diligence. The gas add in the “Nord Stream” line is carried excursion by “Gryazovets-Vyborg”. After Gryazovets locate is provided by the gas provision in the line “Nord Stream”. The organisation of gas pipelines “Ukhta-Torzhok” is intended for Yamal gas provision to the Central region. For the building of the linear portion of the pipe put-upon Russian producers, also as the armature of a new coevals of domesticated product. Its amount capability of 366 MW, pressure – 220 bar, the distance of exile – more 1, 200 km. Conducted a hydraulic organization quiz installation of gas to transport.

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