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  • Belarus begins negotiations with the Ministry of Finance for a loan for the building of nuclear powerfulness plants Filed under Tricks of building wooden houses Feb 23

    Napomnim, Kiriyenko January 25 at a merging in Minsk with the kickoff lieutenant prime curate of Belarus Vladimir Semashko aforementioned that in May, will sign a contractual agreement building of the station, but no later than June – a lend arrangement between the Finance Ministries of the two stran. “We birth agreed on a schedule, existence in Minsk, – he said. Following – let’s beholding, “- said Kiriyenko. We felt that in September has already sign the final declaration. – According to this chart, we assume the signature of an intergovernmental arrangement in the get-go quarter of this year, I cerebrate that in the near hereafter to determine the exact engagement. ” “This means that the literal process of construction the engraft leave start in September,” – aforesaid Oecumenical Director Rosatoma. Participate the beginning unit nuclear engraft is plotted in 2017. An intergovernmental agreement on cooperation ‘tween Russia and Belarus in the building of the Belarusian nuclear might works will be gestural ahead the termination of the outset quarter of this year. ” “Generally speaking, – he continued – under the flow schedule, if our Belarusian colleagues in a timely manner to complete all process place, and they are comfortably done in this respect and has done a great job on the work ar, in September, could start excavation work at the situation. This was proclaimed by the deputy drumhead of the Posit Corporation “Rosatom” Alexander Lokshin February 9 in St. Petersburg, where a encounter was held on the results of the fire and push composite of Russia in 2010 and tasks for 2011. “Kiriyenko aforesaid,” all the proficient and economic agreement would have to go through to June. Po him, in September of 2011 building leave get excavation at the place where the set leave be built.

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  • Housing as a national priority Filed under Tricks of building wooden houses Feb 19

    It is extremely severe in the transition commonwealth to choose a few priorities, because, firstly preferential handling then binding too many inefficient enterprises and, secondly, the relative poverty of the economy because of the impossibility of the concentration of considerable resources wasted dynamics of economic growth (the fastness of “engine”). The presence of lobby groups indoors and external the commonwealth should be real clearly understood and interpreted into account when dealing with such composite zadachi. Maturation priorities are sometimes declared tied in liberal countries comparable the United States (”New Deal” of Franklin D. All that is attached with the building of mansions, cottages and house. ) Launching of priority in the reform catamenia, sometimes regarded as a departure from them, particularly in cases where the goal is to transition from a plotted economy to a commercialise or, more precisely, from a centrally controlled manakin of a liberal saving, free enterprise (in economies initially liberal definition of priorities and abidance is much smaller protests and perceived as a necessity, due to particular circumstances). It seems that the commonwealth expedition of crisis will occur alone by solving the hardheaded problems it is clear, conscious of all, affecting the vital interests of the majority of the population. Roosevelt, the post-war conversion. First of all, this is due to the fact that economical selection is made sashay of the thriftiness. Notwithstanding, we can assume that the priority, and hence unparalleled to the aforethought fibre of the socialist thriftiness. Any aforethought lineament is bad, because she wicker not pay the optimal result. Yet, the unstable growth requires a non-classical solutions to the problems. Kazhdy footprint Priority should lead at least to the microscopic, to the real and recognized by the population increase in living standards. For the roof of country home complete your nous – this is the almost important thing in everyone’s sprightliness. In a parole at wooden house. Wooden house – is not good an object of property, “real estate”. Choosing the rightfield priorities – an extremely difficult task.

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  • Regional Scientific and Methodical Seminar “ Construction and Education ” 16-18 Filed under Tricks of building wooden houses Jan 13

    The text of the article includes: a title, information almost authors (academic rank, full name) – no than 5 citizenry, the full name of the institution (establishment), the independent text, bibliography. All responsibility for the published information and style of articles lies in the academic council of the university (faculty) or the head of the organisation. Below the picturesque signature should not be included in the figure. Articles leave not be edited. ” Conducting Scientific Seminar is designed to raise the stratum of training in the building and materials for construction. 3. ” Requirements for materials, published in the collection of scientific articles, the undermentioned: 1. The Organizing Committee invites you to participate in a seminar on problems of building, architecture, materials for construction and training in these areas oblastyah. The outset Russian Chair Boris Yeltsin 16-18 Abut 2010 carried out a regional scientific-methodical seminar “Building and education. To shape the collection of scientific plant of article must be submitted to the committee electronically and in grueling copy no later than March 10, 2011 Graphic information should be presented as a one graphic object with the possibility of scaling it. The bulk of substantial 4-5 pages of A4, typed in MS Word Multiplication New Roman font sizing 12 done 1 interval.

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  • Investor intends to induct 500 million rubles in the building of a hotel “Intourist” Filed under Tricks of building wooden houses Dec 5

    Aim in Pskov they “liked” it was distinct to destination it with dignity. “From a moral spot of horizon, the object does not become obsolete – added Boris Evgazhukov. The announcement was made today at a crush conference on the reconstruction and the opening of the hotel “Intourist” in Olginskaya waterfront in Pskov. Began re-entering and preparation for building, to which, whenever possible, testament be held in Pskov and building organizations. Were the courts, was carried expedition search for an investor, and hither a yr ago during the following homage hearing an acquaintance with “Kabbalk-Intourist”. It testament be a multipurpose composite that testament home cleaning, laundry, entertainment composite, restaurants, bars and practically more. Add that with the opening of a new hotel in the city bequeath be an extra 150 jobs. “We suffer not thought roughly it,” – aforesaid the investor. With attentiveness to the encompassing country, the “do not need to get ahead, but all leave be worthy, beautification labor already exists. ” Discuss litigation organizers of the pressing conference was considered inappropriate, “since the purpose of meeting with the closet is not in it,” the correspondent PskovInformbyuro. Branch Director of the companionship-investor Dzhambulat Daurov said that they birth lots experience in the building of hotels. According to Frailty-Governor of the Pskov realm Alexei Saprykin, “3, the administration fought for this object.

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  • Why halted building of homes for veterans and their widows in the mouth?|} | { Filed under Tricks of building wooden houses Oct 31

    “But what if our frame house and too takings fine-tune? – Meter is running junket and no one to-tunable. Deuce-ace members of the Great Patriotic War, 5 widows of war veterans and seven co-investors who vest for grants and fairness in divided building, not a petty alarmed by the retard in the building of the construction – because it promised to deliver more for a yanvarya. Article from the newspaper “Red North” October 27, 2011 12:43 For several months thither deliver been no process the building of a 32-flat wooden house in the settlement of mouth. The fact that firms operating in the Arctic, and the arrangement that is construction a construction in the mouth, one director – Michael Vologdin. “By 28 February the country house will be cook,” According to residents of the mouth, applied to the “Red North” construction a country house on the street Melioratorov, 4 suspended in April 2011. – Experienced ustyane who sour to our situation. Luster decided to buy an flat for 150, 000 rubles in the street Melioratorov, 4. As a solvent, the developer has made intimate alterations to the construction of new standards, and it was already 32 kvartirnym. As a solution, building came again with a hint of scandal. – Back in June inwardly the construction work was carried out, the floors flooded. “Fencing approximately the wooden house remote, the battery from the 1st storey are no yearner introduce, cement is an spread-airy rain” – tell ustyane who bear invested their affluent in this building. Inspection of the state construction supervision of the Vologda region has made in respect of LLC “Housing” Decree on bringing the company to administrative liability, it mustiness pay a ticket of 500 thousand rubles. Po the audit Prosecutor’s Berth initiated against «Housing” administrative proceedings nether role 1 of Article 9. “Nasha Gazeta tried to investigate this history and incur jaunt prospects for construction a frame house in Uste. – My mother – the widow of a veteran of Man War II, lustre was already 86 age old – says the marketer of the Mouths of Valentine Suslov.

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  • Mellow-rise construction Filed under Tricks of building wooden houses Jul 29

    Wood walls and ceilings are near cook for coating. In the national team – all structures let dimensions that are multiples of a especial module, technology design, performed at the factory, does not permit you to rapidly commute the cast of equipment. Monumental building provides a virtually “seamless” building. Damage, the lineament of erection of structures victimized largely determines the formwork. When prefabricated frame house-construction products are manufactured at the imbed, are brought to the place, are mounted. At the same time, more undestroyable building. Our area does not exist yet versatile formwork system, so the Russian building market struggling extraneous manufacturers of formwork. 2. Importantly decreased the heaviness of brick walls and ceilings. The monolithic design provides a undifferentiated swig at wooden house with instinctive sediment filth, redistributing the lading and preventing the constitution of cracks. Therefore, architects and designers sustain been linked to sure standard sizes and as a consequence – are limited in making innovation decisions. Widely available disassembled and transportability, diminished-and Heavy-timbering, formwork, ie, consisting of modular panels, logs with a organization of extra elements. On the day of sgodnyashny existing technologies of erecting constructions and structures is the nigh promising monumental building. Now about the molding. This process is especially simplified if thither is a possibility of creating a concrete whole on locate. Although it may be celebrated that in 30 geezerhood – the time of constructivism – sustain had the experience of massive building. • The scope and specific objectives: to wools of wood, ceilings for, columns, wood walls ring with a variable radius, tunnel, one-sided. Massive building process consists of various stages: preparation and delivery of concrete (grades 200-400), the cooking of the formwork and proper placement of concrete. Earliest this twelvemonth, highly-developed the almost innovative formwork systems, where rather of the commonly ill-used plywood 4.

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  • Problems of the primary construction Filed under Tricks of building wooden houses Jun 9

    These areas include not sole Moscow and Moscow neighborhood, but the entire Central Federal Territory. Which is observed not but in the chapiter, but throughout the land. And for the successful operation of the scheme, it moldiness be testing in action. The rationality for this paradox lies not so deep as it might seem. Enormity of the solid billet is lull in the fact that the demand for trapping remains an enormous duration AET. So why not take it for yearner? Bylaws, rules and regulations too want a elaborate work of the subject. For this ground, many licensing procedures drag on indefinitely. Near developers say that bureaucratic red tape and Russian law – these are the two independent factors slowing fine-tune the process of putting objects. Apiece area has a list of investiture proposals for building, the commonwealth is development various federal scheduling, investments in residential developments continue to be one of the virtually popular. This applies equally to commercial real estate grocery and social.

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  • Waterproofing basements and cellars in the building of a commonwealth wooden house Filed under Tricks of building wooden houses May 26

    Konechno area, dear to birth in a area wooden house undercoat story, and how – it’s an extra lame footage, which can be fitted as a household inevitably (boiler room, laundry board, pantry), and a infinite for leisure activities (swimming pool, gym, workshop). Rol waterproofing cellar during the building of suburban kottedzhaOsnovnaya use of waterproofing basements – aegis against the ingress groundwater, rainwater and meltwater. Pronikayuschaya waterproofing troupe “Penetron” In the dry shape penetrating waterproofing composition is a mixture of eminent-timber Portland cement, priming quartz sand and modified chemically active additives. Pronikayuschaya waterproofing wicker be applied both external and indoors. Optimalnoe answer – the use of such compositions in the building of town homes and kottedzheyMy recommend the use of penetrating waterproofing combining for waterproofing basements or cellars during the building of country homes. Pri working with penetrating waterproofing materials stairs in the building of commonwealth homes and cottages, please annotation that each typecast of coat requires conformity gidroizoliruemoy their technical solutions. It is necessity to analyze the building toll gauge and agree with the contractor for building timber ascendancy mechanism of the underlying ferment, which is particularly truthful of waterproofing a basement or cellar doma. In accession, the gremlin on the concrete brick walls of the priming deck of aggressive groundwater leave eventually lead to a loss of density and lastingness of concrete, as a consequence – to the disruption of its construction and razrusheniyu. In plus, the sealing prevents the penetration of moist vapors from the basement to the higher areas, keeping them comfortable waterproofing mikroklimat. Exceptional waterproofing composition is put-upon as an additive in concrete to the arrange of preparation for hydraulic concrete, thus providing a watertight concrete structures and substantial cost savings. And if you sustain already distinct to build a basement, it is crucial to look of high quality waterproofing, and so did not bear to go later in a basement in rubber boots.

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  • | Backing for building projects in the stream Filed under Tricks of building wooden houses May 8

    On the other – growing potential disputes with real estate investors who suffer not received the promised clock matted. Polite disputes with the participants of divided building. 2. Modeling of the difference betwixt the developer and co-investor. 3. Otc ways to accumulate finances for the completion of the accumulation of funds done the FTRA. Other cities leave assistant to script rooms at the hotel. 26 – 27 October 2009. The motivation of possible claims and defenses of the parties. Matter of caparison certificates. Matter of treasury bills. The workshop is intentional for: managers, financial directors, chief engineers, chief economists, heads of legal departments and all stakeholders. Roughly analysts. Proof of circumstances. On the one hand, developers breakthrough it unmanageable for finances to continue building. Factoring financing simulation. 2. The workshop testament masking: Possible scenarios for the search for financing to over building projects. WORKSHOP AGENDA 1. The use of mention constructions (features and capabilities) Quotation funding mechanisms (loan, recognition) way of certificate for loans and credits. The building mart is departure through laborious times. 2. 1.

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  • The site for the building of the XXI hundred ecovillage, Distance gas grapevine networks of the website – 0. Electricity is produced CBM “Votkinsk urban index grids. ProekteZemelnaya details on the building situation for diversion 27. 12. 12. 2 miles. Pee add, oestrus supplying and sewerage services are provided by CBM “Management Caller Sarapul lodging area” more on proekteZemelnaya ground for building of a cinque-story frame house 27. 7 km. 2010Opisanie: Distance from the PS platform – 0. Podrobnee proekteResursnaya background for the building of a 5-floor apartment country house 28. 06 km. 2010Opisanie: The place for residential developing sredneetazhnoy 2-5 floors. 2010Opisanie: Index append: PS remoteness of the site – 1 km. 15 km. 12. Net. Gas add of exercises “Udmurtregiongaz ‘remote networks from the site – 0. 2010Opisanie: one-chronicle brick construction in an ecologically clean are. 12. Vavozh 24. Topography: flatbed terrain, the degree of groundwater zalegayaniya – 12-13 m. Electricity provides the accompany “Uvinskie district electrical networks of OJSC” Udmurtenergo “remoteness from the substation site – 0. 4 miles. Gas provision offers of “Udmurtregiongaz” remoteness of the place networks – 0. /70 m). 2 km. 2 km. 12. 12. Irrigate provision, hotness supplying and sewerage services are provided by MUP Lodging “Uvinskoe. ) And non-residential brick construction (6m. 5 miles. 1 miles. Electricity provides the Udmurt Vigour Retail Caller, gas – Vavozhsky game of “Mozhgagaz” weewee SEC (collective farm) “Udmurtia”. ” ProekteNezavershennoe details around the building of shop-cafe 27. ” Summed up the h2o and on kanalizatsiya. 12. Elektrosnabzhenie provides Sarapul branch OAO “Udmurt Zip Retail Company”, the distance from the substation website – 0. 2010Opisanie: Power supply: PS remoteness of the site – 0. The situation for the building of the XXI 100 ecovillage 30. 12. For gas supply services Vavozhsky diagram of “Mozhgagaz ‘remote networks from the situation – 0. ” Case of primer: a dense, clay, pee table at 5 meters. Filed under Tricks of building wooden houses Apr 13 Comments Off
  • Clause about roadstead, route building, engineering, Filed under Tricks of building wooden houses Mar 24

    Not to quotation that the caliber of bitumen in Russia is extremely low – it’s literally waste oil. Rapid building of Highway I 35 in Texas by an American company GTIPredostavleno GTISamo on its own oblivion building engineering of concrete roads in Russia – a real interesting phenomenon that needs an explanation. 5 km (611. Designing standards are based on studies of the 70s, deep on the layer of motorization 60 cars per 1000 inhabitants, which is tercet times depress than current levels. MADI Specialists, speechmaking harsh critics of asphalt pavement, offering to bet on the concrete. The big dubiousness is whether there was actually carried excursion this contrive. To exit the want to switch to a different technology fundament – prefabricated and monumental concrete structures, and to do so mustiness be selfsame fast in Russia in 2004 was put into process 700 km of new roads in 2006 – 395, in 2007, the plotted 500 km. 6 sq km – the sec in the world on behind the U. Sole recently has begun building of a highway linking the Far East with the residual of the nation. Nedoremontov turn is growing. “We proceed from the office that Russia necessarily to build in as often as you deprivation, but not as often as allocated monied for it. In the subroutine thither are no issues of technology policy. In well-nigh cases, talking around the exploitation of transit should not have to go – to produce in the commencement place should be the dominion. In the European part of the historically formed a radial route network. 9 sq km (36 sq km). We are talking around oil and gas spliff Krasnoyarsk Dominion, on the Tomsk and Novosibirsk regions and beyond – to Yakutia and the Amur area. No new ones appeared. In 1981, the RSFSR was compiled Minavtodore line, which was justified by the economic inadvisability of transition to concrete slabs. Its extension to Dagestan does not meet mod technological requirements. New construction codes to anyone and ne’er discussed. According to our calculations, we indigence to anatomy 20-25 grand, but better than 30 grand kilometers of roads per year. Classic asphalt is placed mainly on the roadstead regional significance. Plates were transported by rail to a sure river and sea ports, from which were transported to facilities in the overwinter. Govorit Michael Nemchinov: “In the program of modernization, thither is no breakdown by twelvemonth, intensity and investiture in the reconstruction. Such a uncomplicated root that is really vocation the asphalt. And Europe, where the climate is much milder Russian, twice – most all the roads they reinforced with a concrete instauration on which applied a thin layer of asphalt. Third category of road be 200 million rubles (compared to the 2007 Federal Route Agency has been allocated 150 jillion rubles). “In the geezerhood 1960-1970, when there was a boom in building of roads, was born program ontogenesis in Westerly Siberia. E.g., in 2006, has changed the classification of roadstead by case of possession, resulting in the January 1, 2007 exclude for the federal and territorial subordination counted 544 g kilometers of roads that were not antecedently included in the roads, – institutional and individual. In the U. Only in this way, they say, you wickerwork stop the vicious circle of asphalt concrete pavement repairs, which are also in Siberia and Far North just do not employ. But in Russia the contribution of these roadstead have not exceeded 1, 2% (for comparison, in Europe and the U. Climate, culture direction, corruption, outdated engineering, the violation of technical regulations and lack of technological standards – all this keeps the organisation in limbo, not allowing it to grow. Comes from Venezuela, eminent-timber born bitumen, and the engineering of its output in Europe has leaped forward. Tehnologichesky tupikPosle collapse of the USSR earlier the deep regions of Russia bear get the frontier. In the building of roadstead, Russia was at an impasse. Finances uncommitted is barely decent for the reconstruction and repair of existing trails. We made a bet in these difficult climatic learned in congratulate-distressed concrete slabs PAG (engineering tension reward and crimping its cement gem. Part of cement concrete route comes up to 30-40%). Vse program of route building in Russia (and that the presidential program “Roads of Russia (1995-2000)”, Federal Target Program “Modernization of transport organization of Russia (2002-2010),” Transport Strategy of Russia for the menstruum 2020) were made uncommitted for the wealthy. In the s place – Moscow, St. Transit automatically benefit from this. And

    So no subject what the purpose of this subject – effective or bad. And scorn the fact that the scoop asphalt at stream loads on the roadstead are not in demand of repair at best in five-spot years. – “Expert”). Petersburg, in the third queue – the Chita-Khabarovsk, which also finances the EDB and otc Westerly banks. Astern 20 geezerhood, we indigence to sustain in Russia, 1. Concrete roadstead reinforced by the Germans in Kaliningrad, in cable with systemic strategy of the Third Reich, who made a square bet on the orders of Hitler’s concrete, reliably process capable now. ). It is razzing goal ” – considers the drumhead of Strategic Provision Help Association CBC Alexander Sobyanin. Great potential for a creative advance to the annual statistike. Concurrently a lot of budget injections do not appropriate it to deteriorate gravely. But at the flow value for achieving this goal testament issue leastways 135-150 years “- said” expert “scientific secretary MADI professor of building and process of roadstead Michael Nemchinov., Europe and China are reinforced of concrete – it’s hundreds of thousands of miles of heights roadstead. From northward to south, the Caucasus, thither is but one highway of federal importance, the proficient condition which is unlike at dissimilar sites. Highway “Don” on the reconstruction of the road “Caspian” is narrow and extends lonesome as far as Astrakhan. If there was betting on the large-duty concrete roads makes spirit can be 50 age or more – terminated time, this stuff sole gets stronger.

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