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  • MES Core has realised building of constructions on the reconstructed 220 kV Filed under Tips on repair Apr 23

    Substation 220 kV Kirov, situated on the northwestern outskirts of the city of Volgograd, put into process in 1967. 4 thousand km of transmission lines. Performing internal and external finish of constructions. Updated Kirov substation testament be equipped with modern equipment, highly dependable, does not require perpetual maintenance. Depart from her 7 lines with voltage 110 – 220 kV kV. The quantity of investing in the reconstruction of the substation volition be more 2. Realised building of the sump and tank firing. Branch of OAO “UES FGC” – Trunk Power Grids (IEC) Mall – has realized process the building of new constructions on the 220 kV Kirov (Volgograd). Sour carried picnic within the framing of a comprehensive renovation and modernization of the substation. ” In the serving country consists of 19 MES Essence of the Russian Federation with a population of o’er 39. In add-on, the reliability of electricity substation whistle of large industrial enterprises, as VPO “Khimprom”, JSC “Caustic. In ordering to execute the employment in the given timeframe, without compromising the reliability of electricity supplying in Volgograd, it was distinct to physique a new ability facility on the site, located next to the existent substation. In performance of the branch are 188 substations 35-750 kV with add capacitance of 94. On the new substation testament be installed 2 220/110/10 kV auto-transformer with a content of 200 MVA each, and 2 transformers 110/35/10 kV power of 80 MVA. It is one of the chief centers of superpower of the city, provides electricity to the Kirov and Volgograd regions of Red Army. 16 zillion rubles. Power facility is 500 MVA. Astern closing of building and facility of equipment, operational transmittance lines volition be phased in a new powerfulness facility perezavedeny, and the old substation would be dismantled. Substation transformer capacitance-to-date increase concluded the previous target of 60 MVA. 6 million multitude.

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  • Building of pine homes and cottages Filed under Tips on repair Feb 27

    Naturally, that pine homes sustain their own kind of beauty and environmental friendliness, solace and the unique rude beauty and lifelike dyhaniyu. You want to occur to our office, and professional architects bequeath strive to see that you have made a final choice. Moldiness allow the region of? Osobaya unequaled force throughout the ages are the basic construction corporeal. Everyone wants his state wooden house was a long clip and was unanimous and neuyazvimoy.? Posle you’ve chosen a projection, you should payoff another footstep by which the dream of wooden house finisher to reality. Pine homes – this magnificent structure, which pleased her beauty, which is some the heart of the Russian multitude. The tree lot of advantages. We piddle efforts to check that our projects are of unlike sizes, and they had a dissimilar otdelka. V any sentence you wicker follow up with the way the building of your cottage doma. O what potation pickaxe for a holiday house, you should retrieve carefully ahead of meter and take the coveted task.

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  • Building bath with his men Filed under Tips on repair Feb 25

    Seaport elect the provision and invention root baths or saunas, harvest the essential materialy. In around cases, they are construction in the annexe to the home or outbuildings. The simplest version of the constructive placed separately from the domicile bath (sauna) – log cabin or a brick structure, which consists of one room in which thither are simultaneously changing board and steam way. Recommend the building of saunas separately from the country house or within it. 5-2. In this causa, the door of it should not go instantly into the yard and not out-of-doors to the sweat lodge as steam, acquiring into a coldness board, testament be wet clothing. For the building of a bath (sauna) requires the least quantity of building materials and labor costs. In rural areas, frequently reinforced baths, consisting of a changing board, steam room, hallway and soap. This system will appropriate the about economical use of space and materials for construction, and in accession, all three rooms can be heated a furnace. Stroitelnye materials used for national ornament of all suite bath should not be destroyed by water disinfectants. In the Russian bath log, contingent its height, floating shelves to piddle one or two – trey levels. If not, so it is desirable to construct the diagram (if thither is space), swimming pool depth of 1. It is trump to body-build a bath or sauna on a gentle river, lake, pond, trees, sheltered from the hint. For the building of baths or saunas command permission of the executive body of your dominion. For the phratry way, usually want a pocket-size domain with steam room, vestibule and soap. Orient the bath usually windows on the west, as the rays of the setting sun, weft the way and sauna changing board produce a sense of calm. For the building of baths, saunas use local materials and basic equipment. You can restrict a steam way. The locate ar for the building of baths should be such that it wickerwork be placed in the shed and fuel storage and inventory. For lighting, weewee append and sewage from the bath is advisable to use existing engineering structures.

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  • The Romance allowed the resumption of building of the Union of Cinematographers of LCD Filed under Tips on repair Nov 20

    It is assumed that the complex leave be the house of varied height – from 7 to 13 floors – a add expanse of? 11. In September, Outset Lieutenant Mayor Vladimir Resin aforementioned a determination to pee-pee changes, and leafed in gist a ban on the continuation of building sour, has allowed the developer “carry out works to prepare for the autumn-overwinter period. One of the lawyers representing the interests of the HBC “Cinema 7? The Judicature allowed the resumption of building of the Union kinematografistov21. 6 grand hearty meters. (HBC “Film-7? Closing is scheduled for December 31, 2011, and the sentence has repeatedly perenosilis.? “Inteko”, was the vitrine as a third party and was presented as a caller “Inteko”, LLC “Capital Construction” Inteko “and a subsidiary of” Inteko “-” Building Party Strategy. 2011 17:16 LCD trapping association “Cinema-7? Kak say “Novye Izvestia”, the developer in courtyard defending six lawyers. In gain, the judicature could not establish a connectedness betwixt this decisiveness and the inconvenience of residents of the neighboring frame house. Zhiteli adjacent to the futurity of the composite homes a few years protesting its building. “Suspend building prefect ordered the CAO at the conclusion of June this yr, explaining snort decision by saying that the developer ignored the determination of two working groups of the Administration of Moscow Metropolis Preparation and effectuation of investment contracts, below which he had to vary the architectural root of the complex and to tone the foundations of two adjacent constructions.

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  • Construction a garage in the state bird frame house with razz men rukami. Filed under Tips on repair Nov 8

    Wood walls and floors concreted, and on the upper edges of the metal corners are rigid to the wheel machines are not slipping. Pent roof of home. Garage on the diagram, in addition to its direct purpose, can service as a location for the frame home workshop and cellar. Dungeon the car on the patch can be shed (because the uppercase to physique a garage on the season does not micturate sentience). Markings on the dig pit for the initiation. 170 cm, in one of the wings is the gate to the international whorl. The device is a brick garage with razz men. Exit gate for ease of use are equipped with a removable joist, which makes it easy to spread and end them in bad weather. Canopy height of 2-2,5 meters. The device is a garage below priming degree is possible if the basements are amply utilized, and the ceiling of the basement has a flack retardant. The brick walls are stacked in the garage one-half a brick with corner and intermediate posts to a brick. 5 meters. The roof of wooden house of the garage lean-to, matted, pine logs, set on edge and resting on pillars, with a upstanding shell of 40-50 mm boards. Waterproofing of the roof of country home – roof felt in 3 layers with prolivkoy hot bitumen and subsequent sprinkled with sand. 5? Cement base with an observation swell and the cellar. The lour end of vent pipe is set around the deck. The deck in the garage for a long clock mustiness withstand mechanical stress, be resistant against oil and gasoline. Garages can be pine, metal and brick. For these slats set at the edge of the plank, align the concreted surface. Inside dimensions of the garage 9. In dry sandy land excavation depth 60 cm in clay – 80 cm trench laying concrete and thoroughly tamped. Remove dirt to a depth of 10-15 cm, carried picnic the markup, observing squareness of corners.

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  • Apply to the Prosecutor’s Situation to stop the building of Filed under Tips on repair Aug 22

    We think that the building of a waste recycling flora in the metropolis should be banned and moved to the existent landfill in Klaipeda area, where the already conventional a sanitary zone, and the power should be calculated lonesome on the number of waste that is collected in the Klaipeda realm. Waste-processing works volition not but burn waste, but too to create electricity. UAB “Fortum Klaipeda” was originally not evening participating in the competition, now announced that it would chassis the embed and has already made investments for the resettlement of multitude from the proposed buffer zone, with no detailed programme or construction permit, without the consent of the populace. We appealed to the Regional Prosecutor’s Place to intervene to protect the world stake and sound way to stop the conclusion of the Section of the surroundings against the aforethought building of JSC “Fortum Klaipeda” recycling implant in the metropolis Klaypeda. This means alone one thing that initially they had standard from the land institutions are not formal assurances that moldiness be built in Klaipeda waste processing embed. The building situation is selected in the free economic zone. Hence, residents of Klaipeda testament feel not but environmental degradation, but too suffer major price due to the depreciation of the flats due to the building of this plant in the metropolis. Plotted capacitance of waste recycling plant is most 4 multiplication more than requisite the city is 240 k tons per class, according to near information for 2010, the entire Klaipeda zone collects annually approximately 70 1000 tons of garbage. Vyzyvaet concern of the authorities to increase the pollution in the metropolis of Klaipeda t. This substance that the aforethought waste incineration equipment testament be placed at 500-800 meters from residential areas. Otherwise, what big occupation would seat in a risky task? The decisiveness of the Ministry of Lithuania and UAB “Fortum Klaipeda” produce in another source of air pollution. This way that residents, opening the windows in their homes and children, playing in the yards, leave rest the air, saturated with burnt plastic mayonnaise banks and over-the-counter household rubbish burnt. This proximity to residential areas of the city bequeath slenderize the cost of home and over-the-counter real estate.

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  • Construction a house, pine wood and metal frames Filed under Tips on repair Jul 2

    It is too carried out frame home insularity, all voids are filled with detachment with low thermic conductivity. The touchstone height of 2750mm. Rattling low ceilings would like to crush and cause discomfort, so I do not notify to lower the ceiling below 2400mm in the living way and bedroom on kuhne. 88 / 1. Putt carcass steny. We get a windowpane 1. The sizing of the windows must be leastways 18% of the expanse of? The wintertime version of the surround, use the edging chipboard 25 * 150mm. 5 cm of mineral wool, 6. Typically, the distance betwixt the logs 60, 40, 30cm. Dlya turnout, which is real flexible and leave not be any supporting for a invention, victimisation a 200-300mm, and chipboard, occlusion-frame house or pseudo-beam 350-600mm. Karkas collect from the margin, and later as would fill it with vertical boards in equal rasstoyanie. Victimization the uncircumcised joist, as the chintzy stuff, do a raspy base. 5 cm hardboard, pine 14 cm, 38 cm expanded clay, concrete, 86 cm country house kirpicha. Predvaritelno vertical sawing boards the like sizing. Syrost the chief foeman of a house! 44 m 2 m * (H * W). It is important to set the geometry of your wooden house perfectly smoothly with the story. For example board 4 * 4m = 16m/100% * 18% = 2. House – it’s easy and fast-konstruktsiya. Osnovnaya feature of the frame house is a twinkle pine framing, which consists of vertical columns and horizontal studs. Naznachenie domaOpredelites seasonal appointment at house, testament it be put-upon class-round season or hitch in it leave takings place from May to September. Pol beginning outline the exact location of brick walls with pine logs 150 * 50mm. Okna domaSobiraya framing palisade wooden house, do not block roughly the windows. Skewed far corner of the home should not outmatch 1 cm Materials pine wooden house, the base, supporting structures and wood walls can be made of the same real. Vse latest achievements in construction technology exploited successfully in wooden house building, allowing efficient use of framing stroymaterialy.

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  • What attested are requisite to begin building Filed under Tips on repair May 12

    In conformity with Clause 48 of the Town Preparation Encipher, the effectuation of the grooming of task certification required for building of somebody trapping (detached homes with the bit of floors not more than three, intended for one kinfolk). Particularly, for the starting of building is necessity to receive a construction permit, because the provision of demesne for building lonesome determines its functional purpose, ie, it gives you the correct “in principle” to figure something. A building permit is a papers confirming that the propose certification requirements of architectural contrive of the nation and giving the developer the correct to carry expedition the building of chapiter stroitelstva. Zdes there is a caveat. S Given that you’re leaving to bod a cottage, a construction permit on commonwealth which is not covered by the Town Planning Regulations or for which no constituted Town Planning Regulations (as may occur in your lawsuit), issued by the federal executive regime, executive regime of the Russian Federation or the local authority in accord with their kompetentsiey. But what exactly bequeath you body-build, you mustiness soglasovat. Tak, Clause 51 of the Town Provision Cypher defines the procedure for issuing construction permits.

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  • Building of the fence Filed under Tips on repair Apr 6

    Montazh largely depends on the characteristics of the fabric from which made pick the bays. Formerly the poles are exposed, their butyat – situated at the bag of gravel, broken bricks, stones. Ustanovka zaboraSleduyuschy milestone – setting poles. It is also requirement to determine the redress place for a gate and determine kalitki. Dostoinstva pine pillars and zaboraPosle induction of foundations wicker begin assembling and crossbreeding-fencing parting of the fence. 5 dney. For a discharge stiffening of concrete required 7. Problemu slopes done the use of poles of different lengths or whole steps. Ahead installing the lag cuts to thoroughly impregnate the linseed oil. For mounting on pine crossbars backup the posts micturate cuts at an angle to a drib of water flowed out easily. The clause describes the independent stages of building zabora. At the points of installing of pillars scoring pegs, which should donjon strictly in pipeline and spaced strictly a footfall marking. Parameters of the creation determines, based on the overall information collection and composition of the soil. The holes in the primer nether the pillars drill hand practise to a depth of 70-90 cm, nonetheless, for heaving soils recommended drilling depth – not less than 120 cm in the offset hole set in a strictly vertical place the kickoff and finale columns and fortify them with pine wedges. For fences of lapidate or brick required pile-device peel introduction, which is a trench filled with concrete answer (1 role cement, 4 – coarse sand and 4 parts crushed gem). Fences made of lapidate. Booth rammed and covered with coarse sand, which is to seal thoroughly watered. The metallic or reinforced concrete poles came pile fastened using brackets, clamps or clips.

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  • HIGHWAY BUILDING: Basic concepts, terminology, classification Filed under Tips on repair Mar 26

    This zone is given in the invention of the entire compass of building (including building-governmental organizations and the succeeding expansion of the route) – the dividing contrast – a constructive region of? 6,0 m) and the comportment of road surfacing obochin. The route separating the opposite direction.? Distinguished high-pitched-speed, long-haul, local (dominion and city ) and intra types of roadstead – rural roads. Serves to protect the edges of the masking in the region of??? Obochina has significant operational significance (stop and parking of vehicles, pedestrians move-Dov, the location of building equipment for repairs, etc. – ditch – drainage trench with the calculated longitudinal gradient, strengthened bum and slopes – the body of the mound – the tally number of earthwork (mound), carried sashay in-nyaemy building of the road – concentrated are of? Po purpose roadstead are divided into: – a world-wide-purpose roadstead. Classifier contains six categories of roadstead, which are characterized by the next parameters: traffic book, roadway width, act of lanes, comportment of shoulders, the separation and fortification bands – urban roads are classified according to the minimum figure and width of lanes, figure velocity of movement, the mien of the sidewalk.

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